1. Ellayali Nawal Alzoughbi 4:14
  2. Am Behki Maa Hali Nawal Alzoughbi 4:04

Name :                   الإسم
Telephone:           رقم الهاتف
E-mail:                  البريد الإلكتروني
Address:               العنوان
City:                       المدينة
Country:               البلد
Event Purpose:   نوع الفعالية
Date:                     التاريخ

Nawal Alzoughbi

awal Al Zoghbi (Arabic: نوال الزغبي‎; born 29 June 1971) is a Lebanese pop singer. Performing in Arabic, she has a fan base throughout the Arab world and has a following amongst Arab expatriates in North America and Europe. Her musical career has spanned over 25 years.
She achieved popularity first by singing traditional Arabic music with a pop sensibility, and later singing in the Gulf dialect, and also embracing newer trends in Arabian music. She capitalised on the popularity of music videos in Arab pop music in the ’90s, which propelled her to local stardom in the Arab world. Nawal has sold over 40 million albums.

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